Lap Dance


Designers: Anastasios Grigoriadis & Panagiotis Tsirogiannis
Artwork: Panagiotis Lyris
Number of Players: 2-4
Duration: 45min
Ages: 18+

Description: The boss just fired the manager of his most prestigious strip club and is now looking for a new manager.

In Lap Dance, players take the role of entertainment assistants at that strip club. Their job is to take care of valued customers and see to their needs. Those wealthy customers will be asking for dancers, drinks and luxury services and will be paying good money to the assistant that fulfills their wishes. The player who will generate the most money by satisfying customer demands will become the new manager.

Lap Dance includes additional Promo cards and the 5th player expansion.

If you already own the game without the expansion (i.e. Sonia the DeeJay, Millionaire, or the Oktoberfest Girl and the Jungle boy) you can contact us and request it separately.

Language: The game features English text.

Rules: You can download the English rules by clicking here (pdf).

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