Drum Roll


Designers: Konstantinos Kokkinis & Dimitris Drakopoulos
Artwork: Antonis Papantoniou
Number of Players: 2-4
Duration: 90min
Ages: 12+

Description: Europe in the early 1900s. Players take over the role of circus owners traveling to various European cities to give shows and impress their crowd. Before each show, players must enrich their circus by hiring performers and fulfilling their needs to help them give their best performances. They also hire personnel and invest in order to create the most prestigious circus. After 3 shows, the player who earned the most prestige points is the winner.

Language: The game is language independent and the box includes rules in English,German and French language. More languages are available online.

Additional Game Material

Drum Roll Promos consists of 41 extra cards (18 Performers, 9 personnel and 10 investment cards).

Drum Roll Mini Expansion consists of 17 extra cards (5 performers, 7 personnel cards).

Salary trackers consists of 4 cardboard fancy trackers in 4 colours.

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