Among the Stars: Revival


Designers: Vangelis Bagiartakis & Panagiotis Zinoviadis
Artwork: Odysseas Stamoglou, Antonis Papantoniou, Maciej Rebisz, Sotiris Padeleon
Number of Players: 2 - 6* (*as an expansion to Among the Stars)

Duration: 30min
Ages: 12+

Description: A new era has begun. The Alliance's attempt to revive the worlds that were destroyed during the Purge was met with great success and the future looks bright for the first time. Those sectors that were abandoned before, have now become very active and are blooming with life.

Due to the increased traffic, the construction of new Stations in the area was deemed necessary. Once again, the alien races rush to build the best Space Station, in order to take advantage of the new opportunities that arise. To that end, Advisors are being sent by the Alliance to assist in the construction.

Language: The game includes English text.

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by Rahdo:


A strategic card drafting game set in the Among the Stars universe. 2-player stand-alone game as also an expansion for Among the Stars game

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