The Pursuit of Happiness: KS Promos 2 box

The Pursuit of Happiness KS Promos 2

RTPA 176
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This is not a stand-alone game. The Pursuit of Happiness is needed to play.

This expansion includes the game material generated through our 2017 Kickstarter campaign for Community Expansion. It can be added to your games even if you do not own Community expansion.

If you own 1st edition of The Pursuit of Happiness that was available at Artipia Games' booth in Essen Spiel 2015 you may contact us to inform you about the upgrade method.

English Version


  • 9 Projects
  • 5 Items
  • 5 Activities
  • 8 Pets
  • 3 Partners
  • 3 Jobs
  • 3 Life Goals
  • 2 child traits
  • 10 Friends


  • 1 Rules Sheet

The Pursuit of Happiness KS Promos includes 48 65x100mm cards:

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