Briefcase bonus companies

Briefcase: Bonus companies + City Hall

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Includes bonus companies cards for Briefcase generated through the Indiegogo campaign for the game:

  • Dot Com Set (4 cards)
  • Football Club Set (4 cards)
  • Model Agency Set (4 cards)
  • Multiple Set (4 cards)
  • Shipyard Set (4 cards)
  • Casino Set (4 cards + 3 dice)
  • Leasing Company Set (5 cards)
  • Beauty Clinic Set (4 cards)
  • Boardgame Factory Company Set (4 cards)

City Hall is an expansion for Briefcase.

It includes 8 City Hall office cards and 3 Inspector cards.

Offices: For each game players randomly choose 4 of those offices to use in the game. At the start of each turn, each player may activate one office and take advantage of its one-time ability.

Inspectors: All Inspector cards are shuffled in the Buy deck. If, while producing a new B card, a player reveals an Inspector card, he/she must also place the Inspector card in to his/her discard pile. When a player draws an Inspector card, he/she may play a Buy card to pass the Inspector card to the player on their left.

When the game ends, players lose one victory point for each Inspector card remaining in their deck.