New Dawn - Extra cards

New Dawn: Extra cards

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Extra cards generated in the crowd funding KS campaign for New Dawn on 2014.

Component List

Facility cards (17 cards)
Terraforming Satellites
Floating City
Galactic Relocators
Ministry of Commerce
Sissaurian Scopedome
Wiss Reactor Sphere
Xenobiology Lab
Alien Technology Surveyor
Planetary Defence Unit
Seep Space Surveyor
Missile Array
Refueling Vessel
USC Corp
Vak Resource Reserve
Gravitation Shield
Data Center

Aid to the Alliance cards (3 cards)
Dweller R-II
Defiance XI
Echo ZHX

Base cards (2 cards)
Tech Superiority
Secured Facility

Station cards (3 cards)
Nas XV
Korr IV
Scavenger I

Events (9 cards)
Energy Shortage
Convention of K'Dhajoh
Hostile Negotiations
Exploration Era
Tech Reinforcements
Cosmic Storm
Military Reinforcements
A Better Future
Hidden Reserves

New Dawn - Extra cards includes 34 70x70mm cards:

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